Monday, December 8, 2014



The time has finally come, you can now feel safe to drop the once top fantasy draft pick. Williams has proven to be a humongous bust this season, and isn't even
getting any targets these days from Romo. A once promising 12+ fantasy point producer on a weekly basis, you'd be better off squeezing him for some spare change rather then fantasy points. He is done, and now that the fantasy playoffs are here, drop him for the weekly hotshot! Williams is owned in a whopping 71% of leagues, and needs to be dropped across the board!!!

He can now officially be referred to as Bishop "STANKEY", as he has just stunk the place up all
season long. Fantasy owners were drooling when the Titan's Quarterbacks and starting running back went down with injuries, paving the way for Bishop 'Stankey' to run away with things. This did not happen, quite the opposite, he managed few yards and lost the job upon Shonne Greene's revival. How many games does he have to have below 5 points before you all finally see the light?!? Only 30% of you know what's good, hopefully we can add to that. Throw 'Stankey' where he belongs, in the Dump along with the smelly garbage!

Here lies what remains of Patriots running back Jonas Gray. His is a sad tale, like so many before
him, squashed down by the Great Bill Belichik before he could truly shine. Gray was on his way to fantasy stardom and finally sorting out the Patriots crowded backfield, when all of a sudden a "Blount" object knocked him right off. LeGarrette Blount recently cut by the Steelers, was instantly scooped up by his old team the Pats, and immediately took over as the lead back, relegating Gray to the depths of despair. Like we said, its a sad case, but Gray is droppable in all formats across the board, Make It So!

If he's still on your team, my guess is your not in the playoffs! If you are, and you own him, take our advice and drop Tate like its hot! It looks like Asiata and Mckinnon aren't going anywhere, and Tate has settled in as a "just incase" emergency back. There has to be better options available off the wire in 53% of your leagues...Go Look Now, we won't tell, we promise!!! 

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