Tuesday, November 18, 2014


ADRIAN PETERSON: The Saga of Adrian Peterson continues, and so do the frustrations for fantasy
owners. On Monday the grievance hearing took place, thus a decision on whether or not he can play must be made by this Saturday. It is our belief that the league will attempt to hand down a multi-week suspension upon his reinstatement, which will be met with the time served argument. In the end Adrian will most likely have to pay back the salary he made during the weeks he is claiming to be suspended for. The question is will the Vikings use him, how much, and when? I see his realistic return being not this weekend, but November 30th against the Panthers. Mckinnon has been a more the suitable replacement in Peterson's absence, but expect Adrian to take over the starting job almost immediately. This means he will take on fantasy relevance pretty much as soon as he starts playing, so look to pick him up and or start him for the Panthers game.

RAY RICE: The wife-punching running back continues to do battle against the NFL through the NFLPA,
using lawsuits and the "double punishment for same crime" argument, Rice is trying his very hardest to regain his ability to play within the NFL. Owned by no team, Rice is still currently and technically suspended indefinitely from playing in the NFL, but has made some progress to having that ban alleviated. The real question is not whether he does or does not get reinstated, its whether any team will want to employee him and the sure to be PR mess to follow once he is allowed back. We don't expect to see Rice on any field this season wearing any jersey, but next season could hold a very different story. Look for Justin Forsett to continue getting the majority of rushing attempts, with little to fear from Pierce and Tallefierro backing him up.

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