Saturday, November 8, 2014


1. Dallas
2. Pittsburgh
3. Seattle
4. Baltimore
5. Denver
6. Arizona
6. Kansas
8. Detroit
9. Eagles
10. Falcons

D-Fence!!! D-Fence!!! D-Fence!!!
Although widely overlooked, a good defensive team sitting at the bottom of your line-up will almost always play an important role in your fantasy teams eventual victory. Having the right defense slotted in often leads to rewards of 15+ points, and playing the right team is what we are here to help you with. 
Dallas is the obvious number 1 this week as they have a strong secondary and are playing the interception prone Jaguars(Blake Bortles), moving on. The Steelers Defense has been rekindled of late with the bringing back of James Harrison, and are playing a weak Jets team lead by a fumble happy quarterback in Michael Vick. This combo makes them a dead lock for number 2 on are totem-pole. Seattle has been a shell of their former superbowl selves, but this could be the week the defense really turns things around. They have a very tasty matchup against a pick happy Eli Manning and the fumble-diseased Giants, securing them solidly in 3rd in our week 10 rankings. The Eagles are this weeks sleeper pick, as they are prone to giving up an average of 20 points a game to opposing offenses, rendering them pretty useless for fantasy purposes. However, the Eagles special teams have been saving them over the last few weeks, with multiple blocked kicks, punt returns for touchdowns, fumbles and pick 6's. The Eagles ability to gain points from special teams makes them a candidate to bust-out and score 15-20 fantasy points on any given week.

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