Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today in the NHL we have only four games going tonight, meaning limited options when it comes to the Daily Fantasy Sport games. Sometimes this makes it super easy to pick a good daily line-up, sometimes it can make it very tricky. Today was an inbetween day, where picking the first few guys were easy, and the rest not so much. Anyways, below is today's, January 14th, ULTIMATE PERFECT WINNING line-up for DraftKings Daily Hockey contest. You must fill the following roster spots using a $50,000 max (C, C, W, W, W, D, D, G, UTIL). Each player is assigned a dollar amount by DraftKings, and you have to try and fill your roster with the winning combination, this is where I(RotoMags) come in handy. I have scoured through all the statistics, drudged through the endless supply of information, and have emerged with this Winning Line-up you see below you...Use it for DraftKings $2 NHL Sniper Contest by clicking here: DRAFTKINGS $2 NHL SNIPER CONTEST 
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C- Ryan Johansen
C- Brandon Dubinsky

W- Marion Gaborik
W- Jakub Voracek
W- Eric Fehr

D- Mark Streit
D- Davis Savard

G- Rob Zepp

UTIL- Justin Williams

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